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Here is what makes UpYurts better than the rest

Our camping yurt has more features than any other!

From high strength hardwoods to our unique patent pending Perfect Circle Technology, our yurts are the lightest, strongest, and easiest to setup by a wide margin.

Ultralight Camping Yurts: Features

Highest Quality Materials

Sustainably sourced

Locally cut and milled ash hardwood makes our yurts have the best strength to weight ratio of any structure.  All of our wood is cut within 100 miles of our factory and selected for ultimate strength and beauty.  Our fabric choices are durable and wont rot like canvas, and we use Amsteel Blue high tech rope for our cables - stronger and lighter than steel.


Above and Beyond

How We Operate

We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We’re constantly innovating and improving to meet the latest needs of our clients, and do whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction.

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Product Service and Support

Your yurt will last a lifetime (free replacement parts)

We’re often recognized for our high-quality manufacturing, but what makes your yurt last a lifetime is our support.  We send along free repair parts with each order and stock replacements available at a moments notice if you every have any issues.  Extra replacement parts are sold at our manufacturing cost to keep your yurt strong and secure without any high costs.


Exclusive Perfect Circle Technology

Fastest and Easiest Setup

Our yurts feature the only new yurt technology in 1000 years - Perfect Circle Bars.  These exclusive vertical supports allow you to setup your yurt quickly and perfectly, every time.  No other yurt has anything like it.  Other camping yurts require you do draw a circle in the ground with a stick and guess at how to setup your yurt.  We have moved on from the stone age and our setup takes 15 minutes and is fool proof.

Price List

Our Offers

12' Ultralight Portable Yurt

Starting at $4400

The 12' yurt is our most popular size.  Perfect for the entire family (and extended family if they want to squeeze in).  Easily sets up in 15 minutes and a breeze to transport in any vehicle.

16' Ultralight Portable Yurt

Starting at $5900

Larger than some small apartments, the 16' yurt can fit 6 people in complete luxury or compares to a 12 person camping tent.  1-2 person setup in 20 minutes and only weighs 150 pounds.

Burning Man Yurts

Special Features and Pricing

The Playa is a tough place to live.  We have special yurt models just for Burners.  Double dust shields, extra tiedowns, thicker Insulation.  Contact us for more info.

Ultralight Camping Yurts: Price List

Technical Specs

Every yurt is constructed with the same size


Solid Ash Hardwood

Flexible hardwood fully sanded with nicely rounded edges.


Solid Ash Hardwood

Expertly crafted from rough lumber to a unique design.  All edges rounded for durability and feel.

Perfect Circle Bars

UpYurts Exclusive

These vertical supports strengthen the lightweight lattice and simplify the setup process.


Stainless Steel

Our hardware is rust-proof stainless steel and as an added bonus is easy to replace from any local hardware store while you are on the move, if you happen to lose some.

Advanced Tension Cable

Amsteel Blue

Amsteel Blue is a soft rope with greater strength than steel cable.  Lighter weight, easier to handle - just like our yurts.

Better Fabric Cover

Double Acrylic Coated Polyester

Our fabric covers have more details, better fabric, fit tighter, and are easier to setup than the competition.  Other Camping Yurts use cotton canvas (mold alert).  We offer a high durability, rot proof, marine-grade fabric that looks great.

Optional Features

Everything you need

Choose our super heavy duty waterproof floor covering, 360 degree Panoramic Screen Window, or reflective foil insulation to complete your yurt purchase.

Ultralight Camping Yurts: Products

Help Center

Do you offer discounts for multiple purchases?

100% YES we do.  We have a standing discount of 5% off the purchase of two identical yurts, 10% off three, and 15% off four.  We also offer 10% off for non-profit institutions (Like the Kansas City Zoo - check out their campground in summer 2020).

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship our yurts all over the world in solid wooden crates.  We can quote shipping for your yurt in just a few days to any location.

Do you accept returns?

We can accept a return for a yurt within 30 days as long as the following parameters are met.  The yurt must not be dirty and must be un-used and able to be resold.   Also, no returns on yurts with any requested special customizations or features.  Returns must be pre-approved and shipped back to our location.

Can I purchase just a part of your yurt?

We offer replacement parts for existing customers at our manufacturing cost, but do not sell the yurt frame parts separately.  We can produce custom yurt parts for a project of yours, so it always pays to contact us and ask.

Ultralight Camping Yurts: FAQ
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